History - 2007 a 2008



The year began with a blessing. After four and a half years in Europe, Juan Román Riquelme returned in full splendor. It was just a six month romance, but enough to lift another Libertadores Cup.

Under the command of Miguel Russo, the team boasted players who had golden feet (Banega, Riquelme and Palacio) and thanks to the wonderful form of Riquelme travelled the continent showing off football of the highest quality. In the two-legged final, Brazilian Gremio were wiped away 5-0 overall. In December came disappointment: without Riquelme (who had to return to Spanish team Villarreal) Boca surrendered 4-2 to AC Milan in the final of the Clubs World Cup (goal by Palacio and anowngoal by Ambrosini) and so the Italians took revenge for the 2003 defeat. After that game, Miguel Russo left the bench.



With the appointment of President Pedro Pompilio, after Mauricio Macri left to follow his political ambition, Carlos Ischia arrived on the bench and Riquelme returned to stay.

In the first half of the season, Boca were eliminated by Fluminense in the Libertadores Cup semifinals. In the second half of the season Boca reacted to the rupture of the cruciate ligaments of Palermo (he was replaced by young Lucas Viatri) and were able to regain 11 points to San Lorenzo earning a play-off tournament with San Lorenzo and Tigre in order to decide the Apertura champions. They beat the first and lost to the Matador, but did enough to celebrate in LaBombonera. That year Boca also secured a new international star, that of the Recopa, at the end of a two-legged clash with Arsenal de Sarandí.