History - 1925 a 1935



Boca were already loved by so many people in those glorious years, the Xeneize seeds had been spread throughout Argentina. But it was in 1925 that would mark the international turning point.

The European tour, at a time when moving a group of players was unusual, marked a milestone. The roster was made up of 12 players and 5 guests, but there was also a fan that had paid for his own ticket and served as masseur and warehouse worker: Victorio‘Toto’Caffarena, who started the myth of the Player Number 12. Boca embarked on 5 February in Montevideo and 22 days later got to Vigo. They played 19 games winning 15, drawing one and losing just three, with 40 goals for and 16 against. This was echoed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, setting the foundations of the international glory to come many years later. Boca received international recognition and enthused so much passion that on their return on 12 July the Argentine Football Association decided to declare the club Champions of Honor forthe 1925 season. Boca were recognized already as great all over the world.



Boca had won the last tournament of the Amateur era and were also the first professional champions of that time.

The team led by Mario Fortunato took the title beating Talleres de Remedios de Escalada, and had the great satisfaction of beating River away by 3-0 in the last game. Boca counted on a pair of explosive forwards, who were able to understand each other at a glance and would remain in history: Varallo-Cherro. The ‘Cañoncito’, who had arrived from Gimnasia, scored 27 goals in 24 games, while the ‘Apilador’ scored 19 in 30. Another key player was Florentino Vargas, the first Boca goal-scorer in the Professional era. Boca had beaten River on both occasions and ended the tournament with 50 points the result of 22 wins (at that time 2 points were given per win), 6 draws and 6 defeats. More successes would soon arrive...



It all began the day Argentina beat Paraguay by 4-1 in San Lorenzo, in 1929.

Boca managers watched that match to observe the ‘Guarani’ González and Lagos, but fell in love with the intensity of Delfín Benítez Cáceres. Nevertheless it was only in 1932 and after tough negotiations with Libertad that Boca could sign the striker. He joined the club supposeedly to gain experience and everyone thought he would have time to settle but Benítez Cáceres proved to be ahead of schedule: in a match against the River Reserves he scored a hat-trick earning a place in the first team where he joined Cherro and Varallo. The ‘Machetero’, a left-footer who was also able to use his right, won two titles (1934 and 1935) and broke all records scoring 107 goals and is still the most prolific foreigner in the club’s history.



Between 1934 and 1935, Boca won the first double crown of Argentine football in the Professional era.

In the first tournament, played in a three-stage system, Boca scored more than 100 goals and finished first by one point ahead of Independiente. The top scorer was Cherro with 22 goals. The following year, with the same base of players as the previous one and the addition of Brazilian centre-half Domingos Da Guide, Boca won the 1935 title. They were strong in defense but above all the best in effectiveness with an impressive 85% of gained points, with a result of 27 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses.